Apple Bananas

One of my favorite treats on my visit to Hawaii was the apple banana.  Something I had never heard of before.  

Now I wasn’t sure about this fruit at first because I am an extremely picky banana girl.  I usually by my bananas mostly green at the grocery store and only eat them as they are just starting to turn yellow. If they have brown anything on the skin, I will not eat them. 

So this mini version of the banana was very yellow with black brown spots and of course I hesitated.  But the name intrigued me so I tried half of one with breakfast.  From that moment on, I was hooked.  It was better than my version of a “perfect banana”. It was small, firm and full of flavor but not too sweet.  Mmmmm

One of our days back from snorkeling we stopped at a local grocery store for a sandwich and a drink.   I discovered a bunch of apple bananas and that was past of our lunch that day.  They didn’t last much past that day either.   

SO yummy!!!!  Here is some info 


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