Our goal on the farmstead is to create sort of an oasis for birds of all kinds.   

There were many birds here last summer when I moved in and I have had so much fun watching them and photographing them that we decided to research and see how to attract even more. 

Well it worked.   With six hummingbird feeders, three large bird feeders, two finch feeders and a special bird bath this spring has been a flury of fluttering wings and beautiful sounds.  

So much so that three weeks ago I discovered a robins  nest just above my study nook.  And then last week we discovered two osprey building a nest on the back field on a power pole.  Everyday when I came home from work and school I was getting an update on what they had been doing for the day.  We would get the binoculars out and see these majestic beauties beautifully hunting and gathering. I even saw one with a large stick or snake on it’s clutches a few days ago. 

Today when I was at work I got an update- the nest was taken down and now they have perched a pretend owl on the pole. I am so bummed.  I was so excited to take photographs, and just watch the summer role by with an osprey family and now it’s gone.  I go outside and I can hear a screech of an osprey from the woods next door but none on sight.  

Alan tried  to reassure me it was probably best for the farmers and the birds, and maybe so, but I am disappointed. I hope they can easily find a new location and rebuild without disruption.  

My ears and eyes are still on the other birds around and I am eagerly awaiting for the baby robins to emerge. 

Pictures soon I promise. For now just an update. Damn 

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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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