Cracks Us Up

Charlie, 12.5 pounds of pure fluff and love is a delight. 

He has adjusted well to living on the farm in three days.  Yesterday he spent most of the day following Alan or I around the yard as we planted and set the irrigation.  

He is busy as any new baby trying things in his mouth and takes long naps after pouncing on his doggie toys.  

I think he recognizes his name but I am not completely certain.  He is still learning what is acceptable to chew, like his bone, and what is not MY FLIP FLOPS.  

He got warm yesterday following us around so I turned on the Garden hose. He realized soon that yummy cold water was flowing and he started splashing his paws in it, but when I put him in a small tub of water he wasn’t so happy.  
Marfa is not very happy to be sharing the house with an energetic little guy but I am hoping she will accept. 


He does have things that Teddy did, which are so fun, like being on his back and getting his belly rubbed by Alan’s feet, folding one paw over the other and the expressive eyebrows. 

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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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1 Response to Cracks Us Up

  1. Happy Bare says:

    He’s gorgeous


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