Day 3~Juneau…whale watching

Now this was the most exciting part of our excursion.  I was so excited to see whales, humpback or any….

So we boarded the bus from the glacier and were quickly taken to a boat that was guiding our group for whale watching.

day3 20

We got onto the smaller vessel with lots of people and they announced we were stopping at an island first for our salmon dinner.  “Say what?”, I thought.  I didn’t want to take any time away from seeing whales.  But the stop was lovely along with the dinner.

day3 22

day3 23We piled on the boat one more time and swiftly headed in what direction I am unsure.  Islands and mountains all around so my guage was a bit off.  The guides knew where we were going and we got to see many whales.

day3 26

day3 27

day3 28

day3 29

day3 31

day3 35day3 36day3 37day3 38

After the final wave goodbye we headed back to shore.  I kept my eyes glued to the water and took in all the beauty I had witnessed that moment.  The scenery, the weather, the smell, the sounds are ever engraved in my mind.  How blessed we are.

day3 19

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