Day 6~Ketchikan


Off the boat early again to a very rainy day.   We grabbed a map from the visitor center and started the city walking hike.  We walked through town to the Ketchikan river and I was excited to see the fish hatchery that was on the sign.  The hatchery was still closed, and I would have to say that the hatcheries down here are much more pleasant to look at than that one was, but the river was breathtaking.  I could just see myself standing on the bank casting a line.

cruise6 1

rain drops on my camera lens are evident here 

cruise 6 2

Then walked to a totem museum which housed many large totem poles.  I never realized the history behind many of them so I have learned a lot   They even made totems to shame someone or some people if they did something wrong.  (no thanks)

cruise 6 3

Walked through the once red light district built on the water. There were bunches of touristy shops in that area full of people who had just come off the cruise ships, so we bi-passed them for a cup of coffee and a break from the rain down by the docks.

cruise6 7

iphone 189

There was a lovely National museum that we quickly went through before having to board our ship at at 12:30.

cruise6 6

Our boat didn’t leave the docks though not for several hours.  They repeatedly paged names of guests that were on the same cruise as us, and I figured these people had forgotten what time the ship was leaving.  Sadly that wasn’t the case, but they were the eight people who had perished during their shore excursion to the Fjords.

cruise 6 4cruise6 5

I do have to say I have never seen so many bald eagles in my life.   It was almost as if they were seagulls.

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4 Responses to Day 6~Ketchikan

  1. Maryam says:

    Thanks. They were probably the driest thing I saw in that town. It was a bonus for sure. And with the heat it makes me somewhat miss the wet cool day

  2. Gator Woman says:

    Absolutely stunning pictures!!


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