Six weeks 

Of growth.  When Charlie came home he was twelve pounds and a fluffy little ball.  

He is now thirty pounds and almost head height with Marfa.  He has sprouted so fast, his legs look like stilts. You can almost hear him grow.  

With his new growth he is learning how to live on the farm.  He has free access to run everywhere, chew on pea pods and play with all his toys.  I purchased him a little splash pool but he hasn’t been to excited to jump in regularly unless I entice him with a treat.

He is also learning new commands and what he can play with and what he cannot.  


Jake and Charles one day after he came home.  Then Jake and Charles yesterday.   Similar comparison with Ka and Charlie below.  

He is not lacking in love and attention 


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1 Response to Six weeks 

  1. cb says:

    Soooooooo cute


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