Last Day~Westerdam

The last day on the ship was quiet.  Our last port stop and some of the ship activities had been cancelled due to the previous day’s tragedy.  In the morning most of the ship attended a nice memorial that the ship’s minister held for the lost lives.

The rest of the day we mulled around and I took photos of the ship, layed out in the sun and pondered on what a wonderful week I had.

day8 7day8 1ice sculpture and light fixture in the center of the dining room.

day8 3

Our dining table each night with Amy and Nat, new friends we made this week.

day8 4day8 2

our dining room server Putuu who took extra care of me when I was a bit sea sick and the door man who made me laugh after dinner each night by tossing a mint into my hand and he made a paper flower for me one night when I didn’t feel so good.

day8 6

Meet the Piano Man.  He was hysterical and talented.  After dinner or the show, we would go sit in this bar and listen, name that tune and sing along with him.  He preferred audience interaction.  So fun and entertaining.

day8 9 day8 10 day8 11

The closest we got to Victora BC, waiting in the harbor.

day8 12

and back to where we started from.  What a lovely trip, I am blessed indeed.

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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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