Maamaan: My Grandmother 

Grandma = Maamaan-Bozorg – مامان بزرگ 
Maamaan was a wonderful loving lady. I fortunately got to spend many days with her the first six years of my life.  What I remember is how beautiful, classy and giving lady she was. 

She wanted me to have two rings of hers.  My father gave me the rings a while back. I did not have the opportunity to get them right in to fix the prongs and have them re-sized so they stayed in my jewelry box till two months ago.  The jeweler spent a bit of time getting everything polished up and fixed and I received it back on Christmas Eve.  

I wear this ring with great pride. Knowing I am near my grandmother once again. Hoping, praying I make her proud wearing her ring she thoughtfully gifted me.  

My father teared up when he saw me wearing his Mother’s ring. 

I love you dear Maamaan, I will never forget you. 


About m

blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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