I am going to have to tell you I am not a fan of guns in any way.  I know there are those of you who are avid collectors, or some who appreciate gun shooting clubs.  But in general I have never handled a gun for the real fact that they scare me a bit.


My partner decided he needed to put my fear to rest this weekend and taught me how to load, unload and shoot three different guns he owns; hand gun, shot gun and pump action shot gun.

He set up a cardboard target on the end of the fence line on the farm and gave me many safety tips with each individual gun before heading to the target.  With ear protection on, my big rain boots, we marched to the end of the property.

The shot gun first, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it really wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I shot it a few times and actually hit the target.  We next took down the hand gun and I was standing there with this gun in my hand, I had many thoughts run through my brain.  Like how many people have this sort of gun, how many people are injured or killed by this gun I am holding.  Not good thoughts.  I shot it, and it had a much larger boom than I imagined- and the bit of smoke coming out of the barrel was interesting to me.  I didn’t miss that time either-and the hole in the target was much larger.  Last was the pump action, which was the largest and most intimidating of all.  The shells for this weapon were large and loading and unloading weren’t very easy for me.  The weight of it was heavy and awkward in my small arms as I lifted it up.  I aimed for the target and BOOM- scared the boots right off of me.  The kick back was so hard it hurt my shoulder a bit.  I was told to try it again-so I did, (didn’t want to), but I did.  As I lifted it up and pumped it, my arms shook.  I pulled the trigger and again a large boom that echoed into the lower field.  I looked at the target and it was full of holes this time.  It didn’t leave good thoughts in my head as I imagined that these weapons are used and not for good reasons generally.

Then we were done with the lesson and I was told where they were safely kept if for some reason I may need them.  Hopefully that will never be the case, but now I know.

And I know I still do not like guns~ not scared of them anymore, but do not like them.


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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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1 Response to Guns

  1. Gary Woodruff says:

    Well-written, that’s what responsible gun owners should do, don’t have to like them just trespect them and you should understand how they work.


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