Fear of Move

My mother married my father and moved to Iran in 1960.  14 years later she moved and planted us in Oregon.  42 years later the house has outgrown her, and it would be in her best interest to get her moved to a smaller more manageable place.

This day has been coming for a few years now, and after her last fall, I am really interested in getting her moved before her falls becomes disabling.

But how do you tell someone who has lived a certain way for so long, that they have to move.  They have to uproot everything they have lived in, had safety in, trusted in and move to a brand new location?

My first plan was to fix her house up, get it sold and then move her to an apartment she knows very well, because of some friends that have lived there.  I now have to move to plan b… move her first, then fix her house up and get it sold.  The matter of her well being has become more urgent.

After several discussions with her, voicing my concerns, trying to help her, the conversation seems to go into circles.  I get it… she is scared.  I would be scared in that circumstance.

I am unsure what to do at this point except gentle conversations her and stating the obvious of what her options are.  Not an easy situation to be in for her or I.


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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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