Mexican Time

I have loved being in Mexico.  There is no time- I can’t really even remember what day it is.  Whenever you ask what time something will be- they say the time ie 7:00 Mexican time.  Which means around 7 but whatever they deem it to be.  There is no rush for anything.

Fresh fruit cut at the corner stand which includes melons, jicama, cucumber, coconut covered with fresh squeezed lime and a bit of chili sauce each morning for breakfast, coffee and you feel invincible for the days adventure.  

 The blue sea calls my name with each lap of the wave hitting the pink coral sand.  I may have been a fish in my former life because I could stay in the ocean all day if possible.  

 There has been no shortages of margaritas, beer, sunshine and smiles.  

The bougainvillea and palm trees greet me each morning along with the local woodpecker that lives in the courtyard.  He sings and works on the palm tree right in front of my patio. 

 Everything is negotiable down here which is so strange to me.  At first I didn’t really know that so I was ready to pay the asking price which was high.  So the sunset cruise I wanted to take last night started at 120 dollars and I finally paid 34.00. It was worth ever dollar. 

Getting around is a bit dicey.  To take a cab costs a lot of money.  You can walk most everywhere but the sidewalks are dangerous.  Holes, missing vent covers, uneven surfaces can leave you in a bad way very quickly. Then there is the matter of trying to cross the street.  There are no speed limits, no many traffic control signals, so if you have to cross the street you wait for no traffic or until someone decides to stop.  

The food has been amazing.  Homemade corn tortillas, guacamole, fresh fish, shrimp. Right down from the motel there is “taco row” every block there are at least two taco stands.  Some have places for you to actually sit, and some you just order and stand on the sidewalk and eat.  So far that has been the best stand.  For 20 pesos- you can get a taco filled with beef, chorizo or pork, grilled onions, fresh mix of onion and cilantro, then the condiment bar has fresh cucumbers, salsas, guacamole, radishes, cabbage.   You just order and eat, order more if you want- and then pay when you are finished.  Honor system.  So many locals here I knew it has to be good and it is.   

Other places the ceviche has been incredible, whole fish last night which was sliced open, filled with peppers, onions, greens then grilled    Served on foil with more sauce and soy sauce drizzled over the top.  Music fills the restaurants every night- whether a mirache band, or one man show at the electronic keyboard singing his heart out.  

Everyone has been so kind and helpful.  Not everyone speaks English so there is a bit of a barrier, but it doesn’t seem to matter because you there ends up being communication in the end.  

Interesting beautiful world we live in.  Sometimes I forget being locked into school and work, I forget to stop and realize the wonderful things around me, beyond me, but not out of  reach.  


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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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