My Shop Angels

Anastasia and Julie @ Nordstroms in Portland. 


Yesterday my man and I drove up to Portland on a specific mission.  One that I would have gladly skipped for any no good reason.  

We went on a hunt for me to get a dress for our “big” day coming up in a short time.  

I will also say, I despise clothes shopping.  Unless it jumps out at me, or it is something I know works, I would rather spend the day at the dentist having my teeth worked on without novicaine. 

I had decided on a few dresses I saw online, but wasn’t sure of size or fit so He decided the best thing to do was to go to a city that has it.  Of course he is always right, but I don’t often share that with him :). 

We found a place to park and marched right into the store.   I asked one person for help and before I knew it, I was in a dressing room with a personal assistant bringing clothes to me.  I would try one on, and she would give me her honest opinion whether that was good or not, if it good, but not the right size, she would hunt another one down for me.  I had no angst about her coming in to zip the dress up, or help me slip it on.  

I absolutely loved two of the dresses.  Couldn’t make a decision so my love says, “get them both, they aren’t one time only dresses”! So I did, and I got her name and email because she said she would always be my personal shopper if I needed help.  

She then sent me downstairs for shoes to her friend.  Well same experience.  I showed her the dresses and she came out with four different style shoes and suggested strongly I replace the black flats I had on.   Well He ended up buying me a beautiful pair of heels and some new black flats.   

After what was about two hours we had lots of time to spare.  So we made the hike down to the Saturday market by the river and tried some North East African food.  It was delicious, beautiful day, fun music, and one very happy girl. 

The whole experience was surreal still today, I just cannot believe there are actually shopping angels in this world.  

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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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