On this day Seven years Ago

My twenty two year marriage ended in divorce    I was so frightened at that time not knowing what my world would look like.  I had no vision for the future just panicked on how was I going to make it and keep the children happy and confident.  How was I going to be successful not knowing what life on my own would be like.  

Well this will be my third Christmas at the farm and it has been a great three plus years out here.  I have the support of a wonderful man, who encourages me to live outside of a box I built myself long ago. 

In the time we (my husband and I) have traveled LOTS.  Grown great gardens, made some delicious dinners together, learned how to dance the fox trot, and east coast swing.  

This morning I spent time with my daughters shopping for Christmas and various things such as maternity clothes for my oldest.   She expecting another baby in June…  I am so very excited.  My son is coming home in two weeks for a brief visit from Hawaii.   

Life couldn’t be better.  I am truly blessed from where I was Seven plus years ago!!!   

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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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    It is a good thing that you are in such a wonderful space.


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