I just saw a commercial: change the culture where actors say “she was asking for it, she was drunk …”

I have thought of this often. It was approxumately 8 years ago. I was invited to dinner with my bosses and their good friend visiting from out of town. After dinner, my bosses went home and what I thought would be a polite good night turned somewhat ugly and very scary.

I left that night feeling small, worthles. I wanted to disappear.

The questions have filtered through my head- did I put myself in a bad place, being a bit tipsy?  Was I flirting?

I see these questions don’t matter. What happened was wrong!!  Any contact that is not welcomed is wrong.

It took me several weeks but I told my boss what happened with his good friend. I specifically stated I was not taking any action, but I didn’t ever want to be in that situation with his friend   He has been respectful of my request and apologized at great length for his friends behavior.

This was good enough for me.   In fact, at the time I had such a hard time voicing and re-living the evening with my boss. I have seen a therapist and the events of that evening have diminished mostly… until now where it is all front and center on television and social media.

When the movement began, I questioned myself, do I use the hashtag or not?  Do I let others know metoo?  Today I am  #METOO.MeToo-la-campa_a-vital-que-busca-terminar-con-el-acoso-sexual1329873186

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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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