Working in the service industry for over 35 years~the most common advice I give is…


The worse way to spend a special night out with your significant other is to go out on this day.  For one thing, you wont be so special, because you will be joined by so many other couples AND… the servers, bussers, kitchen staff etc will rush rush rush you to eat on top of charging more than the normal dinner prices.

You should know that most service staff has bets up on their dry erase boards in the kitchen about how many engagements, fights or even people not leaving the standard tip.

I ran into a good friend of mine last night, former co-worker and we were laughing about Valentine’s day and how it is AMATEUR NIGHT!!    It’s true, I didn’t think of that saying but it is amateur night for true.

My personal suggestion, in case anyone really wants to know, stay home, cook, buy and bring home a dinner to your date.  Turn on some lovely music, or romantic movie, candles and you will have saved yourself from the most overrated night to go out.   Think of an obscure night you would like to go out, most likely before or after the holiday and spend a special non rushed, non stressed night with your love.

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2 Responses to DON’T DO IT!!!

  1. That’s solid advice for sure! I think my best friend and I are going to Galentine’s Day it up with boxed wine and cheesy movies on the couch. With what else? Delivery pizza. Delivery is OK, right?!

  2. m says:

    that sounds perfect!!!!


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