I have always admired Anthony Bourdain for his honest, real no B.S. reporting.  Many people didn’t like this style, but I respected it a lot.  I have followed along with him in his cooking and journalistic success for a very long time.

I was brought to tears this morning when I heard he had taken his life in Paris.  This is a tough subject for me to write on as I have been to that space or place in life where I struggled with hopelessness, failure, stuck and had myself convinced that those around me would be better off without me in the world.  I would no longer be a burden or weight on anyone’s shoulders.    LUCKILY  I was able to get some help for my sad thoughts.

It is hard for me to write this, as I try to forget that time in my life, but I have decided to be quiet NO MORE!  Life is fragile and truly sucks at times.  But I am living, walking, breathing and loving person that can say that sucky time truly will pass.    I am here to say, there are many people in my life past, present and future that love me so much I can’t imagine the place I was in six years ago.

THERE IS HELP.   If you need help, reach out, reach out to me, reach out to someone you trust, or National Suicide Hotline  1-800-273-8255.   The International Suicide Hotline !!

Although I didn’t know him personally, he brought lots of smiles to me, and when he did his piece on the Iran-Parts Unknown, I wrote about it here.



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