End of Term

This was my last week of classes and I am happy to report I received a B+ on my statistics final. I won’t get my final grades for several weeks but I am confident I have passed both my classes.

I have also crammed one week of work into a day and a half so I can take a trip I have dreamed of for many many years. I am Italy bound tomorrow afternoon.

This will be the furthest away I have ever traveled in my adult life. I am a bit nervous but I think my excitement trumps it!!

I will miss my family, the puppies, the garden, but am confident I will encounter things I have only dreamt of.

I will post photos when I return home in July.

About m

blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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4 Responses to End of Term

  1. mihrank says:

    well done – congrats and Bravo!!


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