Magical Cinque Terre

Our introduction to Cinque Terre was bittersweet.  I had reserved an Airbnb six months prior that had received good reviews: short walking distance from the train and to the ocean.  What I found out, was after a long crazy train ride from Rome, I received a text message from the Airbnb person stating that the bathroom drain did not work and they were attempting to get it fixed.  (perhaps something I should have been informed of before an hour of arrival)  We get off the train in Monterosso and down the steps to the most spectacular promenade and ocean.  With luggage in tow, I started looking and looking for the bnb we reserved.  I telephoned I asked, I google searched…our angel came in the form of a beautiful Italian woman who was caring for what appeared to be her ailing mother.  She spoke English and saw we were in a bit of distress~she had no idea the address we were looking for, so she called the owners for me and spoke to them in Italian and figured it all out.  I thanked her profusely and found our room which happened to be neighboring hers.  The room was a disaster and we were stuck.  With not much we could do on a late Friday evening, we walked down the waterway to the most delightful restaurant for a much-needed bite to eat.  After walking back to our place, we both immediately crashed from the exhaustion of the days travel.  The next morning I woke up with the sunrise and decided how to solve our predicament, as we would be staying there for another three nights.  Walking around town before anyone is awake, listening to all the beautiful birds chirping, the ocean lightly touching the sands of the beach, I jumped into the sea.  I was floating in this fantastic sea fully clothed and felt incredible.  It was after that, I found another room in a hotel next door and was able to receive a full refund on the other place.  From then on it was worry free…. so much beauty there.  I hope that if I ever return to Italy, I can dedicate more time to these five cities.

Here are just a few highlights.  I will offer up more, as I continue to go through them on my computer.   I have this playing as a slideshow, the first time I have used this effect on WordPress.

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