A venting post. It was a normal uneventful week until Thursday evening when I got a frantic call from my youngest girl. She had come home from teaching swim lessons and her boyfriend and her got in a very bad argument. In the midst of whatever was happening this guy (I don’t even want to call him that) called the police and made a bunch of false claims about her.

The police arrived before I could, arrested her and placed her in jail.

It was from the moment I received the call to very late the next day I was trying to reach her, post bail, figure out how or what I would do to get her away from the mess. No charges were ever made and she was released 20 hours later. One of the longest stretches in my life.

Since then I have been by her side through the swing of emotions trying to hold back my rage against this person. In that time frame I have learned so much more about this person 28 who had been manipulating my daughter 20.

Her heart and brain and soul are crushed. She was told so many things by him in the few years they had been together.

I never liked him and I tried and tried to figure out why. It was my gut that is why- it knew he was not a good person.

He has already tried to reach out to her.

It’s amazing how some people have the ability to manipulate and persuade someone so deeply. I know as it happened to me as well.

I hope and pray she can be done with him and has learned. Constant prayers and hopes will be made that she doesn’t fall into that situation again.

My vent- I have learned a lot of things about the jail system, court system in the last 36 hours I never knew and hopefully will never go through again.

My baby…

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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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