Fishing Quest

My spousal unit made the executive decision that for our vacation this year we would travel to Central Oregon and camp at East lake for Ten days.

It’s lovely there and the only memory I had of it was camping there with my parents 42 years ago and getting stuck in snow and on the lake in a rain storm.

Nothing dramatic like that happened this year. We had a little trouble getting the boat working the first few days.

The next day we had a friend from a fly shop take us on a guided trip so we would no the tips and tricks of fishing this large lake. It was very windy and cold that day but we did catch a few very large rainbow trout.

The next day we fished a bit and also hiked around the obsidian flow. No luck on the fishing but the lake was absolutely beautiful.

The next day I picked up my son in Bend and we met a guide who took us fishing on the McKenzie river. May I just interject what a pleasure, delight it is to fish with my son. He just started fishing about a year and half ago and he absolutely loves it like his mama. We had a wonderful day on the beautiful day catching many native rainbows.

Friday, Alan and I trolled around the lake exploring different spots to fish. Unfortunately we were down to one fly rod and one spinning rod. Something or someone had broken my favorite rod and the rod Alan made for his wife Francie. That was very sad. We made due but still only a few strikes and no fish on. I also swam with the dogs as it was a warm day.

Yesterday, our last day, Jacob and his lady came to fish with us. He had brought his sea kayak and then the boat fit Alan, Kalee and myself. We fished through a rain storm, wind storm, blue skies with zero luck.

That evening I dropped Alan off at camp took a bottle of wine to the lake and the kids and I drank it on the dock watching the sunset. Fish were of course rising everywhere so we decided to give it one more go. Jake caught a small something fish.

It was beautiful there, abundant wildlife and very nice camping neighbors. Just not sure I would do that long of a trip with two large dogs and a trailer.


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blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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