Grief but Grateful

2020 started hopeful. New Year, New Decade and then well as most everyone is saying… when will this year be over?

Staring in January with the death of my step mother.

February cancer treatments for dad and grief for the loss of his wife.

March=pandemic and loss of job and normal life as I know.

April-chest pains begin and I dismiss to stress and/or working in garden and around the house to stay busy

May- heart attack. Five days in hospital with uncertainty and feeling very alone.

June- birth of third grandson Theo. Was able to be with my daughter as she gave birth then not to be seen again for five days as only one person in hospital.

June to now-traveled to Sacramento to help my sister and family while she is having her transition surgery. My niece and nephew are awesome and it’s so nice to be around new scenery although not outside of the house much.

Even these uncertain times with pandemic, protests and hatred I am grateful. Grateful for my family each and everyone of them down to the littlest person who reached 9 lbs today. Grateful for the diversity in my life. Grateful for the love I have to share with anyone wanting to reach out. Grateful even for when I was discriminated and beaten up as a child for being Iranian in the US during the hostage crisis so I can be more empathetic to what is happening around me now. I cannot even imagine living in fear daily as some of my friends, co workers and acquaintances do every day. I want to teach my grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and even myself how to love sincerely. Show compassion, be the best I can be.

My sister, Chacho and I
Baby T
Baby C

About m

blessed in life. Nature lover, fly fishing enthusiast, school girl, mother, grandmother, wife, dog lover.
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