Black Lives Matter

Four weeks ago or more Alan and I made a conscious decision to show our support to the BLM movement. One of the small ways we did was placing a sign in our yard showing our support.

Yesterday someone or some persons decided to trespass on our yard and attach an extremely racist print out to the sign. In short-it was stated we were racist and Marxist for believing in this movement and awareness. It also said outright how much better the United States would be if there was no black population. There was a lot of falsehoods and rambling of percentages about why black people should not be here. Sad we felt a small amount of this hatred when black people feel this way most everyday.

It saddened me that there are many people that actually believe in the rhetoric. I’m all for open, intelligent, and peaceful conversation regarding this. I am even open to mindfully listen to why someone may believe this, but I do not stand for hatred of anyone because of race, religion or belief.

On a side note this racist letter directed at us was printed out with margins cut out, and white out all over it. Just proves that the intelligence of this person or persons is lacking in all areas.

On a double side note there was a “Christian” brochure attached to the note stating the corona virus is a hoax and believing in God and having faith would take care of this non virus. 😂🤣 As I was told long ago, YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID.

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