This finch tries their hardest to get food from the hummingbird feeder. Not certain if they thought they were a hummingbird or if they thought the hummer feeder was finch feeder.

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Humming Joy

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Windows to My Soul

From the mouths of babes. I took my baby grandson to the park yesterday. I was holding him on the slide when an exuberant little 3 year old walked up to me and looked at me sitting there with baby on my lap. He said with the most serious tone- your eyes are golden. I replied with a thank you. And he said, “wait I mean there are gold spots in your eyeballs. How did you do that?”

I have been told my eyes are magical, or mysterious. I believe that my eyes are the window to my soul and my mood marker. The color changes depending on my mood. Green if sad and brown if happy. So I was obviously happy spending time with my grandson. Brown and gold they were that day.

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